Loan Application Info

Loan Application Info

Here is a list of the information needed for a Home Loan Application (plus some privacy info!)

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Here is the list of the documents most people will need to provide for a Home Loan Application:

>  Full Name, Date of Birth and Social Security Number for each borrower

>  Employment History – name, address, employment dates, income for past 2 years

>  Pay stubs, W2′s, and Federal Income Taxes

>  Asset information such as Checking and Savings Account Statements – last 2 months statements – in full

>  Statements for Stock, Bond, Retirement, and Investment Accounts – covering most recent 60 days

>  Homeowners Insurance – declarations page or contact info for your agent – we can take care of the rest

For self-employed:

>  Two years Federal Tax Returns – company and personal if not a sole proprietor

If you are divorced or separated:

>  Complete executed divorce decree and settlement agreement

If you have Rental Real Estate or Second Homes:

>  Mortgage Statements for each property

>  Property Tax info for each property

>  Homeowners insurance info on each property

>  Homeowners association dues if applicable

>  Copy of the Current Lease Agreement for each property

For Va Loans:

>  DD214 Honorable Discharge Certificate and Certificate of Eligibility – we can help with  these if you cannot locate them

There may be other items for specific situations, but this is a good overall list of the basics.

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