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San Diego FHA loans

One of the most common Home Loans used in San Diego to purchase a Single Family Home or Condo is the FHA Loan.   FHA Loans require a minimal 3.5% down payment, and allow more flexible Underwriting for Debt Ratios, Minimum Fico Scores, and Gift Funds when compared to conventional loans.

San Diego FHA Loans are made by Private Mortgage Lenders.   FHA Loans are then insured by the Federal Housing Administration,  a Federal Agency that is a department within HUD, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.   The FHA does not loan money direct to San Diego Home Buyers.   It provides lenders with default protection through mortgage insurance (MIP) in the event the borrower defaults on his or her loan obligation.

FHA Loans are available to nearly all buyers in San Diego.  FHA Loans do not have a maximum income limit, and are available to First Time Home Buyers as well as Second Time Home Purchasers. FHA loan guidelines allow many creditworthy families to purchase homes or refinance home who otherwise do not meet requirements for conventional loans.  Conventional loans typically require higher fico scores, lower debt ratios, and a longer waiting period after Bankruptcy, Foreclosure, or Short Sale. In most cases,  FHA Loans require 3 yrs or less for these events.   Call to see how soon you can become a homeowner again.

San Diego FHA loans require just 3.5% down payment on a home purchase, which can be from the borrowers own funds or a gift from qualified sources.

San Diego FHA Refinances require just 2.25% equity in your home, and can consolidate a first and second mortgage into one low 30 yr fixed rate.

FHA Loan rates on competitive vs conventional loan rates, even with lower down payment requirements than conventional loans.

Some other benefits of FHA financing:

  • Just a 3.5 percent down payment is required
  • All Down Payment and Closing cost monies can be Gifted
  • FHA Loans available in San Diego up to $977,500 for 2023
  • More flexible underwriting criteria than conventional loans
  • More forgiving underwriting for:  Credit Score, Bankruptcy (2 yrs), Short Sale (0-3 yrs), and Foreclosure (3 yrs)
  • Available for Condos, Manufactured Homes, PUDs, Attached Homes, Townhomes
  • Available for Single Family (1 unit), Duplex (2 unit), Triplex (3 unit), and Quadplex (4 unit)
  • FHA Loans allow you to consolidate a first and second mortgage without classifying the loan as Cash out  – a limiting factor in Conventional Loans

VanDyk Mortgage is a Full Eagle FHA Direct Lender.   We underwrite & fund your loan direct.   There is no middleman.  Call the FHA Experts, call VanDyk Mortgage   – 866-900-2342 (toll free).

2023 FHA Loan limits for California

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