2023 Fresno County VA loan limit

The 2023 Fresno County VA loan limit is $726,200.  However the VA Loan Limit does not apply to  qualified Veterans with full VA Entitlement.  Vets with full VA Entitlement can purchase a home or condo in Fresno up to $2.0M with no down payment required. To exceed the VA county loan limit of $726,200 you must have either full VA entitlement available or a down payment to help meet the minimum VA guaranty requirements. The VA Loan Limit applies to all Fresno VA Home Loans for Veterans with less than full VA entitlement available. These VA buyers are subject to a calculation that combines their remaining VA entitlement and the 2023 Fresno VA Loan limit of $726,200.  We offer Veterans with Partial VA Entitlement VA Loans up to $2m with the corresponding down payment.  Call us to calculate yours.

VanDyk Mortgage offers VA Loans over $726,200, all the way to $2m for Fresno Veterans with partial VA entitlement.  See this post for more info on Fresno  VA Loans over the VA Loan Limit

VA Loans are available with zero down payment for home purchase, and up to 100% loan to value for VA Refinances for qualified Veterans.  VA Loans and VA Jumbo/High Balance Loans are available as soon as 2 years after Bankruptcy, 2 years after a foreclosure, and 2 yrs after Short Sales (sooner if the loan was not a VA Loan and had no late payments prior to the sale).

Call the Loan Pros at Vandyk Mortgage – 866-900-2342 toll free direct, or call/text Brian Skaar at 760-752-4480 direct.  Or simply apply via the link at the upper right.

We are a Privately held Direct Lender offering a full suite of Purchase Loan options:  VA, VA Jumbo, VA High Balance, VA, VA High Balance, VA Jumbo, Conventional,  Jumbo, VA High Balance,  Single Family, Condo, and 2-4 unit.


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