VA Loan Limits and VA Minimum Down Payment requirements for 2018 – Los Angeles

Here are the Los Angeles VA Loan Limits and VA Minimum Down Payment requirements for 2018 for qualified Veterans and Active Duty Military Personnel.


VA Loan Limits and Down payments for Los Angeles - 2018

 Purchase Price
Los Angeles VA Loan AmountDown Payment - minimumDown Payment %
$679,650$679,650 ZEROZERO
$750,000$732,412 $17,588
$900,000$844,912 $55,0886.13%
$1,000,000$919,912 $80,0888.01%
$1,250,000$1,107,412 $142,58811.41%
These examples do not include the VA Funding Fee in the Loan Amount. This amount will vary depending on whether this is a first time use of your VA Home Loan Benefit, a subsequent use, if your service was regular or reserve/guard, and/ or if you have a VA Disability Rating (in which case the VA Funding Fee is waived).


We offer VA Loans up to $1.5M loan amounts when accompanied by an appropriate down payment to meet the VA minimum guaranty requirements.  Los Angeles Veterans are not limited to the Los Angeles County Loan Limit of $679,650,  we offer VA Loans up to $1.5M loan amounts.

VA Loans that exceed the VA County Loan Limit of $679,650 for Los Angeles County are also known as VA Jumbo Loans, VA High Balance Loans, and VA Super Conforming Loans.

Call today to get started with the VA Loan Pro’s at VanDyk Mortgage – 866-900-2342 toll free direct, or 760-752-4480 local direct.  or get started online here


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