Relocating to Tennessee – Tips for a Smooth Home Purchase

Relocating to Tennessee – Tips for a Smooth Home Purchase

When relocating to Tennessee from out of state, or even relocating with Tennessee, it is important to plan your new Home Purchase.    We have a few tips to help make the process easier on the Home Loan Process.    The first step is the determine what type of Home Loan is best for your new Tennessee Home Purchase.    We suggest contacting us prior to your move, so we can discuss Loan Options such as VA, FHA, Conventional Loans with low downpayment,  USDA, etc.   We will help you find the best fit for your individual situation and get Pre-approved.   The next step is to collect all of your paperwork for the new loan.   We will review it thoroughly and prepare your Loan Pre-Approval.

Tip ~ We suggest that you place your paperwork in a special area,  separated from the packing boxes related to the move.   If you access or store your documentation on your computer, keep that separate from the Moving truck as well.    This way you will know where to find the paperwork when it’s needed.   

We can help you with a variety of Home Loan options – VA,  FHA, Conventional, Conventional loans with as little as 3% down, USDA (in eligible areas), and Jumbo Loans.  We will help you determine how the disposition of your current home effects your purchase options in Tennessee.   For instance, it is OK to have more than one FHA Loan in qualified circumstances.    You may be able to use the Rent Income on your current home to help qualify for the new home as well.

We are proud to help families plan their Relocation to Tennessee and assist in any way possible.   From providing strong Loan options to helping find a qualified Relocation Realtor,   We are here to help.


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