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You can get a USDA Rural Development loan in less than three years after a foreclosure

One of the problems facing Tennessee home buyers looking to purchase their home after a foreclosure is the amount of time the banks often take to complete the foreclosure process and actually retake possession of the property.  Although the foreclosure process may have started three years or more ago on their Tennessee home, the bank […]


Relocating to Tennessee – Tips for a Smooth Home Purchase

Relocating to Tennessee – Tips for a Smooth Home Purchase When relocating to Tennessee from out of state, or even relocating with Tennessee, it is important to plan your new Home Purchase.    We have a few tips to help make the process easier on the Home Loan Process.    The first step is the […]


USDA Rural Development No Down Payment Required in Tennessee

One of the little known benefits of buying real estate in the suburbs, the smaller towns and rural areas outside of  Tennessee,   is that homes in most of these areas qualify for the USDA-Rural Development Zero Down Payment Home Loan   That means that under the guidelines of this government-backed mortgage program, the Tennesssee home buyer  […]